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New Fertilizers from Biowaste

The European project LIFE In-BRIEF (LIFE14 ENV/ES/000427)) pursues the development and application of an integrated management model for bio-waste and sewage sludge, for transformation into renewable energy and high value-added fertilisers for agricultural and urban use. Life in Brief is developed at the biogas plant for the treatment of non-hazardous waste located in the La […]

Europe will fund 5 environmental projects in the Comunitat Valenciana

The European Commission approved Friday an investment package under the LIFE-Environment Program, which will finance 28 Spanish projects with a total of 45.2 million euros. Within this package, companies and institutions of the Region of Valencia have managed to place 5 projects in the area of Environment and Resource Efficiency. Life-Irrilife will develop a “greener” […]

European Commission invests € 160.6 million in 96 new environment projects

Commission co-finances under LIFE programme projects supporting the environment, nature and a more sustainable economy. The Commission has approved an investment package of €264.8 million to support Europe’s environment, nature and green growth. The investment covers 96 new projects spanning to 21 Member States, funded under the LIFE programme for the Environment. The projects cover […]


On 11 November, the first technical meeting of the LIFE In-Brief Project took place at the AIMME facilities. The objective of the meeting was to establish the first tasks to be carried out by the partners in order to meet the deadlines established in the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of the five […]