Levante-EMV – Comunitat Valenciana (J. Sierra)

The European Commission approved Friday an investment package under the LIFE-Environment Program, which will finance 28 Spanish projects with a total of 45.2 million euros. Within this package, companies and institutions of the Region of Valencia have managed to place 5 projects in the area of Environment and Resource Efficiency. Life-Irrilife will develop a “greener” system for the application of phytosanitary products in the municipality of l’Alcudia. The company Fomento de Agrícola Castellonense will implement new technology against nitrate pollution while the Universitat Jaime I develops a new method for the replacement of the toxic silica by quartz in the ceramic industry. The metalworking institute AIMME has obtained funds to obtain biogas from waste and DAM will experiment with new purification technologies. Finally Aimplas will develop a new tool for the acquisition of more sustainable urban furniture.

Source: Levante-EMV – Comunitat Valenciana (J. Sierra)

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