Life in Brief project began its activity in September 2015, ending in March 2019.

Throughout the project, a business model has been developed for biogas plants. It simultaneously proposes the energy recovery of bio-waste and also the production of fertilizers.

The production of fertilizers guarantees that the by-product of anaerobic digestion of biogas plants, called digestate, can be commercialized avoiding current costs for its management, or else can be disposed on the ground without being harmful to the environment, taking into account the increasingly restrictive legislation.

The benefit of using these organic fertilizers lies in the way of obtaining them, which uses waste from different sources and mature technology whose transformation process allows the enhancement of their organic content.

Other key of the project is its vision of the implementation of the circular economy system as a business model, having defined basis for its implementation and carried out transferability studies. In these studies, an economic and technical feasibility study for European biogas plants of various sizes has been defined.

For more details, you can contact us or consult the final technical report and the layman report available in the download area on the website.

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