Dissemination of Project Results.

Once the results of the validations have been achieved, and with all the transferability studies, in this final stretch of the project, various activities will take place to publicise the scope of the project, put the different entities related to the proposed business model in contact and provide new ideas to optimise the results offered by the LIFE IN BRIEF project.

In the first place, a first survey of the needs of different agents is being carried out, contacting individually those entities affected by this environmental problem or influenced by the business model at its different levels; biogas plants, waste managers, associations, fertilizer dealers and users, etc.

On the other hand, the organization of a local FORUM planned for March 2019 in the Town Hall of Vall d’Uixó, in which it is planned to bring together different related entities (fertilizer specialists, end users, staff of the City Council, cooperatives, marketers, etc.) to present in a dynamic and coordinated way the different positions and development ideas in relation to the circular economy and the new business model proposed in LIFE IN BRIEF.

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