Presentation of the LIFE in Brief project at the Industrial Symbiosis workshop organised by IVACE

On 26/02, as part of a seminar on the role of waste in industrial symbiosis, the eco-efficient business model of the LIFE in BRIEF project was presented.

The project, in which from the digestate generated by a biogas plant different types of fertilizers are obtained that are used by commercializers of this product and operators of irrigation systems, is similar to an industrial symbiosis case in which the residues of one company become products of added value for others.

On behalf of AIDIMME, Manuel Sánchez explained the technical basis of the project, based on chemical and physical separation processes, and the symbiotic exploitation model in which the companies participating in the project have been involved.

The seminar was attended by 25 people, including representatives of the autonomous administration (Regional Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and Environment) and municipalities, business associations, R & D entities, industrial companies and waste management.

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