Concluding the agronomic validation

During the last period of the project, the agronomic validations of the products obtained in the LIFE IN BRIEF demonstration plant were carried out, which obtains the fertilizers from the digestate resulting from a new waste management model of the biogas plant.

Two solid products and two liquid products have been obtained, suitable for fertigation. After analysing the different products obtained, their effect was verified in different environments, comparing their effect with other control crops;

Effect on citrus fruits; analysing the evolution of their growth and colour, effect on soil characteristics also considering environmental conditions and irrigation water.

Effect on different fields of corn, lettuce, sunflower and peppers evaluating phytotoxicity in plants, foliar analysis, number and weight of fruits, protein content, humidity, foliar and root size, SPAD value, height and perimeter of the plant, pests, etc.

The products have also been tested in urban environments such as roundabouts and leisure fields, where the effect on both grass and soil is evaluated. Soil richness in organic nutrients and C/N ratio is observed, indicating an improvement in soil fertility.

In conclusion, the different products are demonstrating a favourable evolution in the different fields although some more data are still awaited to complete the validation.

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