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Life in Brief project began its activity in September 2015, ending in March 2019. Throughout the project, a business model has been developed for biogas plants. It simultaneously proposes the energy recovery of bio-waste and also the production of fertilizers. The production of fertilizers guarantees that the by-product of anaerobic digestion of biogas plants, called […]

The LIFE in BRIEF video, now available

  AIDIMME, has just edited the video of the Life in-Brief project. The video demonstrates the viability of a new business model for the more than half a thousand biogas plants in Europe. It is aimed at a wide audience, so that the morphology of the proposed business model, its requirements and expected benefits can […]

Concluding the agronomic validation

During the last period of the project, the agronomic validations of the products obtained in the LIFE IN BRIEF demonstration plant were carried out, which obtains the fertilizers from the digestate resulting from a new waste management model of the biogas plant. Two solid products and two liquid products have been obtained, suitable for fertigation. […]

LIFE in Brief at the Chemical Engineers College

Last January took place the technical talk “Renewable natural gas, biofertilizers and circular economy” given by Luis Puchades Rufino, Vice President of the Spanish Association of Biogas in collaboration with the Official College of Chemical Engineers of the Comunitat Valenciana. In the same, a topic of current relevance was tackled as it is the transition […]

Dissemination of Project Results.

Once the results of the validations have been achieved, and with all the transferability studies, in this final stretch of the project, various activities will take place to publicise the scope of the project, put the different entities related to the proposed business model in contact and provide new ideas to optimise the results offered […]


During the month of November the LIFE IN BRIEF project has been presented in different national events; in the International Fair of Environmental Solutions and Energy “ECOFIRA 2018” and in the National Congress of the Environment “CONAMA 2018”. The events have brought together professionals, experts and managers from all sectors of sustainability, where there has […]

Monitoring of agronomic validations

Continuing with the validations of the fertilizers generated in the demo plant of LIFE IN BRIEF project Up to date, satisfactory results have been confirmed for the selected crops. The effect of these products on soil is also being studied in a rugby field and at the so-called “urban gardens”, with the support and collaboration […]

Experimental Design Results

During the last months of June, July and August, tests have been carried out to determine the optimal operating conditions of the pilot plant. Throughout the transformation process several samples have been taken, analyzing up to 14 parameters in each of them. The data provided the LIFE IN BRIEF team with very relevant information for […]

DOE at Demo plant

During June and July, a personalized design of experiments has been developed in la Vall d’ Uixó plant of the LIFE IN BRIEF project to determine how and how much different factors of the process influence the final properties of the fertilizers. The optimum parameters such as process values for working in such digestate recovery […]